Feature Overview
Feature Overview
Feature Overview
Get the App here: audyo.ai/tf
Get the Chrome Extension here: audyo.ai/chrome

Adding Content

  • You can share directly from the iOS browser into the Audyo app as per here.
  • You can add content directly to Audyo from Google Chrome with the Chrome extension available here.
    • You can connect the Chrome Extension in the app by going to Library > Profile > Settings and tapping on Connect to Chrome to scan the QR code.
  • You can add content by tapping the Add Content button in the Audyo app.

The Player

  • Tap any card to play the content.
    • This will bring up the Player screen.
  • On the Player screen, tap the queue icon to see the Queue/Next From and History sections.
    • Queue will play after the current content is finished
    • Next From will play after the queue is finished
    • You can re-order items in the Queue and Next From sections.
  • History shows content you have listened to in the last 30 days.
    • You can tap content to play it immediately, or you can tap the dots to take further actions like Add to Queue or Bookmark.

Card Actions

You can swipe content cards to add them to your Queue.
  • Tap and hold a card to bring up the Quick Actions menu.
    • Tap the bookmark icon to add content to your Bookmarks.
    • Tap the queue icon to add content to your Queue.
  • Press the dots to bring up the More Actions menu.
    • Tap Share URL to bring up the native iOS share sheet.
    • Tap Copy URL to copy a web link to the content.
    • Tap Copy App Link to copy an app link to share with people who are also on the Audyo app.
    • Tap Copy To Playlist to copy the content into another playlist.
    • Tap Move To Playlist to move the content into another playlist.
    • Tap Remove to remove the content from the playlist.


  • On the Player screen, you can double-tap a block to highlight it.
  • Highlighted blocks will become their own content in the Library > Highlights section of the Audyo app.

For You

  • For You shows content added by other Audyo users that you might like.
  • Content that you have already completed will not show in For You.