Our Social Future
Our Social Future

Our Social Future

I wanted to outline what we have planned for Audyo, and clarify the direction we will be taking things.
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"Come for the tool. Stay for the community."
Right now, Audyo is utility-first. This is intentional, and it's only the first step towards our ultimate vision for Audyo. We want to nail the single-player experience before introducing the multiplayer experience.
On this side of things, Audyo will get better as more people use it and more content is added. Our processing pipeline will improve, pronunciation will get better, and error detection will be more automated.
Our vision for social is broken into three core components: Consumption, Curation, and Creation.

1.) Consumption

Users add and listen to content for themselves. Users follow friends/users who listen to great content. Already we are seeing that certain users listen from Discover more than from adding their own content.

2.) Curation

Users share content that they think others will be interested in. Public content added by regular users will be surfaced to relevant people on the network, facilitating better discovery, and the ability to become a curator simply by adding great content that people listen to (kind of a Reddit-esque mentality).
This is also where tentpole users come in, i.e. "Audyo VIPs", who have the ability to add content in higher quality, which others will be interested in — e.g. Conor White Sullivan; "tastemakers".
At this step further curatorial actions come into the picture; for example, making audio highlights on content and sharing these with your followers. Similar to how some people attract followings simply by aggregating links into newsletters (e.g. Exponential View), we envision Audyo curators attracting a following both through the quality of the content they consume/share, as well as their ability to highlight the most relevant parts for their followers.
Additionally, this allows us to assemble "meta-highlights" — crowd-sourced highlights/summaries shown to users regardless of who they are following.

3.) Creation

This involves the "remixing" of existing content and the creation of new content.
On Audyo every piece of audio content is a "block", which can be remixed with any other audio block. What this means in practice is that you can mix and match audio content very easily. For example, it becomes very easy to create a new "article" which is just the highlights from an original article, or a new "article" which is just a collection of quotes from an individual who is quoted in many articles.
Additionally, this allows users to add voice notes anywhere in the content, creating a mixture of content and commentary; a more powerful and flexible version of what Spotify are doing with their "music + talk" shows. Interestingly, some of the biggest YouTube channels are just commentary channels, which talk while showing/reading articles.
In this way, we solve the "blank page" problem for curators/creators; there is always content to comment on — you don't have to start from zero, and you don't have to write anything to give your thoughts.
Imagine — a user adds content, highlights the best parts, intersperses their thoughts throughout with voice commentary and shares with their followers for them to listen to.
If we do this right I believe that we can create an entirely new category of audio, and social.
This is what we mean by "building an audible internet".
If you're interested in helping us to achieve our vision of a richer, more accessible internet, we're hiring.